Striving for Light is a rogue-lite ARPG where you utilise a unique infinite expanding skilltree to fight your way through the darkness, striving for light.

Key Features

  • Explore random generated maps and face the dangers that lurk there
  • Level up and utilise a unique random generated and infinite expanding skill tree
  • Unlock new skills, weapons, maps and characters
  • Over 11 unique environments each with unique enemies and bosses to explore
  • Endgame system
  • Online leaderboards with seasons and private league system
  • Local-Coop mode
  • Everything is hand drawn
  • Self-composed Soundtrack (+77 min)

Skill System

  • Each run gives you a new unique skill tree to explore
  • Dynamic expanding skilltree depending on your skill pathway
  • Reforge connections between skill nodes or replace a skill by utilising collectible shards
  • Collect skillgems and shape your skill tree

Gearing & Crafting

  • Deep itemisation system
  • 34 unique weapon bases that can be shaped and upgraded to legendaries by crafting
  • Over 30 unique trinkets including powerful legendary trinkets
  • 68 unique skill nodes (including 43 distinct ability skill nodes)
  • 8 unique characters with different stats and abilities to shape craft your builds

Combat System

  • Challenging enemies and boss encounters
  • Dynamically switch between melee and ranged weapons during fights
  • Dual resource system to manage melee and ranged attacks
  • Dodge system to evade enemy attacks

  Endgame System

  • Delve deeper into the darkness and face an ever increasing challenge
  • Infinite expanding map progression system
  • Add and alter map modifiers to increase the challenge but also your rewards


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