Press kit SFL: Survival

Key Art

->Download full weapon/ skill key art at here!
Key Art PackIncluding logos, key art, game elements for weapons, skills, trinkets and more!
⬇️Download all key art in a .zip file! (37.7 mb)
DeveloperIgniting Spark Games is a two-person developer studio located in Germany. We see games as the ultimate combination of creative arts, which we love forging to a great experience.
Developer Contactinfo (at) ignitingsparkgames (dot) com
DescriptionStriving for Light: Survival brings the exploration of procedurally generated skill trees to the arena survival roguelite genre. Craft unique builds, unlock new characters, weapons, skills and maps, slay hordes of monsters and take on massive boss fights.
PlatformsWindows, Linux, Steam Deck
Price4,99 USD / 4,99 €
ReleaseEarly Access Release on 20th Feb. 2023
Full Release on 2nd December 2023
Steam Page
TrailersGameplay Trailer:
Story Cinematic Trailer:
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