What awaits?


Gatekeeper bosses have been added to the game. Gatekeepers are a new boss type in Striving for Light protecting the gates to deeper dungeon levels. After defeating a gatekeeper you can choose your next pathway. For the first iteration on this entirely new dungeon level system 3 unique gatekeepers have been added:

Ancient Tree

Elder Club

Very powerful but heavy and slow weapon.

Bleak Worm


Fast stabbing weapon with large range.

Emerald Widow

Emerald Staff

Each attack summons a spider companion which is lasting 6 seconds.

Fight devastating Gatekeepers

Explore the Eternal Sands

New map “Eternal Sands” has been added. Featuring new enemies, two new bosses, a new trap, destructible and obstacle objects.

New Endgame Map System

After completing the unique dungeon levels you will now have a 50% chance on each map that you will find a gatekeeper portal which will lead you to even harder gatekeeper fights.

Gatekeeper Portal

New Skills

Empowered Companions

Your companions deal additional damage.
Reduces your attack speed and dodge regeneration.

Poison Nova

Your melee hits unleash a poison nova dealing damage over time to all enemies nearby.

Poison Shot

Your projectile hits unleash a poison shot dealing damage over time to all enemies nearby.

Improvements & bugfixes

  • Improved drop algorithms to make drops more consistent with increased unlocked weapons
  • Added skill tree shards to the drop pool of chests
  • Weapon tooltips are now localised
  • And much more…

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