Streamers and their Communities will compete for the top ranks in the leaderboard!

Event Start and Duration

7. – 14. August starting and ending at 7pm CEST

Time until scoring

  • days
  • Hours
  • Minutes
  • Seconds

How to participate:

  1. Head over to our Discord:
  2. React to the annoucement Post with ⚔️ and you will then receive a @Streamer Challenge Competitor discord role.
  3. Choose a tag for your community
    (i.e. [StreamTag]TwitchName)

How it works

  • Streamers compete against other streamers in the public online leaderboard with the help of their communities
  • Each streamer chooses a community tag after which all players of the community name themselves
    (e.g. [StreamerName]TwitchName).
  • Streamers should stream the full progress (to exclude cheating).
  • The streamer with the highest rank at the end of the week wins
  • Streamers receive a +1% score bonus at the end of the week for each player from their community in the leaderboard with at least Lv. 10 (capped at +50%).
  • Everyone can participate in the leaderboard with the free demo, so there is no requirement to buy the game.


For the prizes we will provide several Steam vouchers (total value 100€), which will be distributed to the best 3 streamers.

  1. Place: 50€ (5×10€)
  2. Place: 30€ (3×10€)
  3. Place: 20€ (2×10€)

How scoring works:

Two examples of a scoring:

  • Lv 100 with 2000 exp | 15 community players (15% bonus) 2000 exp + 300 (15%) = 2300 exp
  • Lv 70 with 1600 exp | 40 community players (40% bonus) 1600 exp + 680 exp (40%) = 2240 exp

The streamers are then free to decide how they want to distribute these vouchers to their community.

Important: At least 10 streamers must participate that we will launch the event. Please feel free to invite your stream collegues!

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